Eliz Keto Diet Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

When reviewing any supplement, I am always skeptical. However, I had a little extra assurance when asking myself, “does Eliz Keto Diet work? The reason why? Well, Eliz Keto Diet was recently featured on Dr. Oz’s popular television show. Being a reputable doctor and one who seems skeptical on supplements as it is, I figured this is one supplement that might just pass the test.

So I decided to purchase some Eliz Keto Diet and give it a try. I had a goal to lose 15 pounds by the time summer vacation hit. Therefore, it gave me 2 months to lose my desired weight. I currently have a regimen where I do cardio for three days a week – therefore, my routine is not exactly science nor is it designed by a professional. Therefore, I am fairly certain my results will produce what an average person can expect from taking Eliz Keto Diet.

Does Eliz Keto Diet Extract Work?

First, lets see “scientifically” how Eliz Keto Diet is supposed to work. Then we will move on to my results. According to Dr. Lindsey, Eliz Keto Diet works by breaking down fats and glucose in the liver, thus decreasing the amount of glucose released into the bloodstream. Therefore, at a cellular level, fat cells are destroyed or not allowed to form in the first place.

When evaluating any supplement I like to look at the unwanted side effects that may arise when adding it to my regimen. According to experts, a low number of side effects have been reported while taking Eliz Keto Diet. Most of those who experienced unwanted side effects were using the supplement incorrectly and ingesting higher dosages than what was recommended.

The real benefit for Eliz Keto Diet for me is that it does not contain any stimulants unlike my usual go-to supplements like green tea extract, which contain unwanted amounts of caffeine that can make me feel jittery and unable to sleep.

Eliz Keto Diet Ingredients

Armed with this information and Dr. Oz’s recommendation, I was excited and anxious to put this weight loss supplement to the test!

At this point, I really wanted to find out “does Eliz Keto Diet work?” To ensure that the effects of the supplements were experienced, and I didn’t inhibit or alter the effectiveness or the results, I stopped my regular supplement regimen of green tea extract weeks in advance of this trial.

I ingested 800 mg per dose (3 times a day at 60% HCA) of Eliz Keto Diet. This is the dosage that I decided to start with due to my research. I did not experience unwanted side effects that result from overdosing, and I was absorbing enough to experience weight loss benefits. As noted before, I continued my normal cardio routine of running and/or walking 2 miles 3 days a week. My goal was to have 15 pounds of weight loss within the following 60 days.

The results Of Eliz Keto Diet:

After placing Eliz Keto Diet in my daily regimen for two months, I can now answer the question, “does Eliz Keto Diet work?” The answer is a resounding yes. I can say that I have lost around 20 pounds and a majority has been fat, not just water weight. The problem that I had before was that I was retaining tons of water and losing muscle when I would mainly focus on cardio. Since I started taking Eliz Keto Diet, I have noticed less water retention, and I have lost the dreaded “belly fat”.

So, to finally answer the question, “does Eliz Keto Diet work?” I can honestly say, yes it does, and I am glad that I have found this supplement. Do I think it’s the end all to weight loss supplements? Probably not, but it’s a pretty good tool to get you motivated and losing weight as soon as possible!

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